These are quotes from Famous people which have been elaborated by me. Each inspiration is followed by a poem written by me followed by an elaboration. The pictures are Taken from the internet and the blog has no commercial implication.

We may not walk this way again

We May not walk this way Again

We will not walk this way again
Next time there will be a different train
Different would be the clouds and rain
We may not walk this way again.

Love your parents, siblings and friends
Hold them  them with the golden chain
Cause you may not see them again
As we may not walk this way again.

Take deep breath and enjoy the fresh air
Shower your garden and pets with care
Next time you may walk a different lane
As we may not walk this way again.

Touch every flower and every tree
Talk to every butterfly and every bee
Cherish every morsel and every grain
As we may not walk this way again- Vasant Khisty

Every Journey is unique for all of us. We don't know where we come from and where we shall go. Every minute and every second is different and is never repeated. God has given us so much on our way that we should cherish every bit of it, as we may not travel on this path again
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this is a very beautiful post and i am grateful to have read it


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Hi There are times when inspiration can lift up a person and times when criticism can kill a person. I have chosen to inspire people through my poems and songs which are original. These are built upon quotes by great people and these songs and poems have no commercial implication. Any one is free to read them and use them as inspiration i believe should be free for all. So please read them and get inspired.